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Very good, saves a lot of scratching with my puppy, better than all the other things, no harmful side effects

Veronica FordVerified Purchase

Love this product. We recently went on a hike with our dog and she was running through the thick of the woods, tall grasses, and fields, she did not get 1 single tick, we have had the product for about 3 months now and still not a single one.

KimVerified Purchase

Brilliant idea. Seems to work very well, as no problems for our dog last year. She cannot cope with the normal collar, so this ultrasonic solution is great. Good value for money.

BullsheadVerified Purchase

After seeing how effective this product is on my dog I realised there's one for my kids! And they do work, despite my original skepticism.

Judit KuszkoVerified Purchase

Bought on last year, not a tick to be seen. Totally recommend.

Paul MasonVerified Purchase

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